Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on My Stolen Photos on eBay

The two eBay (auction) listing that used my faux cupcake photos ended yesterday and today. However, the items can still be viewed and my other fear is that this particular eBay seller may re-list them again.

Despite the couple of "friendly" messages I sent them, they refused to reply and take the images off their shop. I decided to report them to eBay since they decline to cooperate in removing my photos.

I reported the seller to eBay this morning, informing and directing them to my Etsy shop and Flickr account where they can find my original images uploaded. I'm very happy that eBay takes urgent action regarding such matter. This afternoon, I checked the eBay shop of this seller and I'm glad that my photos (and the listings where my photos were used) were completely removed.

However, this seller is still selling faux cupcakes using other people's photos. They did not remove those images. According to eBay, they cannot do anything about it unless the original owners will report it to them.

I'm still trying to find out who the other owners are so I can contact them and inform them about unauthorized use of their images.

Please check this eBy shop! And if you recognize any faux cupcakes or other items, or if you know the original owners of the images used in this shop, please kindly inform them!


Jenni said...

Thanks for the post! My cupcakes are the mini green place card holders found in this eBay shop. I'm shocked that someone would use these photos and pass them off as creations of their own.

My brother actually works at eBay, so I'm sure my photo will be immediately removed once he hears about this!

You can see this item for sale in my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24791526

I have actually been selling this item for a couple of years.

Jenni B

marie christine said...

Hi Jara
Thanks for all the original owners who were concerned !
We, customers, are loving original work. This work of art is precious and we have to do our best to protect it against this kind of people.
Talk you soon Jara !

jarS said...

To Miss Jenni:

I just checked this ebay shop and all the other stolen photos were already removed.

I guess they just heard from your brother! Haha!

Thanks and have a good day! :)

jarS said...

To Marie Christine:

Thanks for your concern, and for contacting the other owners.

I'm sure they are very much thankful to you, too! :)

Have a good day! :)