Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Poor Man's Makeshift Studio

Yes, I am poor. I don't have a fancy studio which I still dream of having one someday. I only own a lousy, obsolete model, point and shoot digital camera. I do own a manual Nikon camera which I still love...but in this day and age, we need to work fast. And digital is the answer! it'll save us more money since there is no need to buy film and have it processed. I wanted to buy a new Nikon digital camera, and I am drooling over D90. But school will open again in a few months and I have to pay for my son's tuition fee. (I'm not just poor, but also a single mom trying to make ends meet! :p)

So here is my setup:

- colored vellum sheet to use as a background
- desk lamp
- white tissue (japanese) paper to diffuse the light from the desk lamp
- styrofoam board to bounce some light
- sturdy table
- a wall (...ehehe) to stick the vellum onto
- scotch tape (...ehehe) to stick the vellum on the wall
- metal ruler to use as a weight on the vellum, because it keeps on curling! LOL!
- and a digital camera :)

...I'm pretty amazed with the ouput! It's not that bad at all! =D (click on the images to enlarge!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coolest Kitchen: Le Patisserie Style!

This is the coolest kitchen I've ever seen so far. My eyes just went big with envy watching this on TV.

I've been meaning to post this after seeing this on Rachel Ray...but I got caught up with some orders that I needed to finish.

Anyways, this kitchen was featured on Rachel Ray Show's America's Coolest Kitchens. And the kitchen's theme...Le Patisserie. The whole kitchen is painted in yummy colors of pink, brown and white. And everything screams "FRENCH"! Faux or fake cakes were even used to accessorize the kitchen.

I would love to do something like this on my craft/work space! :) ....if I have the budget! :p

To watch the whole segment on Rachel Ray Show, here's the link: America's Coolest Kitchens: Le Patisserie