Wednesday, July 2, 2008


.....I can now load Etsy on my PC. Yeeepeee!

I used to load it on a proxy server, but flash don't run with it though. But I thought that's ok than no Etsy at all. But now I don't load it on a proxy server, I can now load Etsy normally on my browser. My brother fixed my connection. I think it has something to do with our router.

See ya on Etsy!!!!


Eugenia said...

Your cupcakes are very well made, much better than the ones I've seen on the net. I'm a person who loves to collect artistic fake food. I'm interested in buying some of yours but not sure how much will the shipping be.
I'm also interested in making them one day or maybe selling them too if they passed my satisfaction.
I'm now planning on taking cake decorating classes over the summer. I guess before I start making a fake one, I must know how to make a real one. LOL
I think what most important are your techniques and your creativeness!
Have you thought of making other fake desserts like cookies, ice cream, pies or candies?

jarS said...

Hi Eugenia,

I would like to send you a message but i don't know didn't leave your email addy and I don't have access to your Blogger Profile.

Anyways, thanks for nice comment on my faux cupcakes.

I wish to take a cake decorating class, perfect my craft. I think you need to appreciate or even love the real thing so much in order to create a realistic fake counterpart such as faux cupcakes. I love cupcakes so much, that I couldn't sleep during the times when my faux cupcakes were a disaster...because I really wanted to make it to look as close as the real thing as possible. It took countless of hours to discover the right technique.

And, yes, I wanted to do other fake desserts, too. I actually found some techniques and ideas on how to make fake cookies, in the process of discovering my faux cupcake techniques....I'm also thinking of creating a Mocha Frap...'cuz I love that, too! Hehe!
I was thinking on practising, making stuff with resin. But I still want to try to keep my materials as non-toxic as possible and that would not be hazardous to my own health.

If you wish to order please visit

Please take note that these faux cupcakes are Made-To-Order only! I do not stock these items.

Thanks again and have a good day!!! :)