Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!...for one whole day!

I'm having a faux cupcake sale...but just in a day!

All single faux cupcakes on my Etsy shop will be sold for only $6.95 each. And all set of 3's will be $18.95 per set.

The sale will be on OCT. 28, 2008, and will start at 3:00pm (GMT+08:00) and ends on OCT. 29 at 3:00pm (GMT+08:00).

And what's the occasion you ask?'s my 30th birthday! :)

So save the date!...and I'll see you all on my Etsy shop!!!


Eugenia said...

Happy Birthday, Jara!


Nancy said...

I was stopping by to thank you so much for flowing my blog, then I see your cupcakes! I love them! they are you do any craft shows? I will be back to visit again and again. Nancy

Nancy said...

I mean following...sorry