Sunday, March 13, 2011

Faux Cakes Tutorial on SALE!!!

Freshly Faked (The Cake Series) is an instructional e-BOOK I have written on crafting those delicious looking fake cakes.

And what are those fake cakes good for if you can't eat them? Well, they are great decors for your home, especially in your kitchen. They are also uni
que gift items. And aside from being a great home and gift items, they can also be used as photo props, stage props and shop displays.

The e-BOOK is in PDF format and is composed of 40 pages of well documented instructions (with photos).

You will learn how to craft faux cakes such as a basic white cake, mocha crumble, black forest, raspberry charlotte, strawberries & cream, plus other bonus projects.

And with the techniques presented in this eBook, you will be able to create fake versions of your favorite delicious cakes!


Freshly Faked (The Cake Series) is available on SALE at my ETSY shop.


Wati @Shida Abdul Rahman said...

Dear Jara,
I would like to purchase your faux cake tutorial.I have open my paypal account but i can`t complete the transaction coz i don`t have your email.Could you please send your email address to me as soon aspossible?TQ

Wati @Shida Abdul Rahman said...

My email is

jarS said...

TO: Wati @Shida Abdul Rahman

My email is

Thank you for your interest. Have a blessed day! :)

nad said...

dear jara, i also wabt to purchase this book. do u have any??i really2 need this book

jarS said...


This is an eBook. You may purchase this by clicking the "BUY NOW" button below the eBook cover image.

Or you may purchase this at my ETSY shop

Once you purchase, I will email you the ebook and also the download link for a high resolution version, within 24-48 hours (due to our time zone difference).

Thank you for your interest.

Anonymous said...

hi! i have sent u an email last week, but i'm not sure if u have received it coz i didn't get a reply.... anyway, i was asking if i can pay thru bank to bank transactions or thru gcash... hope to hear from u soon.. God bless!

p.s. i'm from cebu


&at said...

Hi, this is naq.Im from Brunei. I wish to purchase the book but i cant complete the transaction and im new to paypal. Is there any other way to purchase it?

jarS said...

TO: Naq

I'm sorry but I only have PAYPAL as my mode of payment.

Anyways, it's easy and safe to open a PAYPAL account. Visit for more info. :)

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Carola said...

Hello, I would like to know if you're still selling the book and accepting payments through paypal.

jarS said...

TO: Carola

Hi! The tutorial is available at

If your etsy name is fallenkiwii and have purchased on my etsy shop, please check your email because I have already sent the file.

Thank you very much.