Monday, June 1, 2009

An eBay Seller is Using my Photos without Permission

I developed this habit of googling "faux cupcakes" just to see if my name would come up, or to see if there are people who blogs about my creation. I'm happy about the fact that there are a few who were nice enough to feature my creations on their blogs.

But just moments ago, after googling the words "faux cupcakes", I found this particular link


And for some unknown reason, my finger just clicked on it. And to my horror, there I saw the photo on my faux cupcake creations. This eBay seller stole my photo and using it as their own. I did not gave permission to use of this photo.

Those faux cupcakes were from the first faux cupcake batch I've made. I made them as samples for my customers who were looking for wedding favors. And those plates are still sitting on my moms cabinet! See my original images here!

And that's not the only photo this eBay Seller stole. Here's another one stolen from me, my faux cupcake ornaments....which this seller would like to call **VANILLA SCENTED FAUX CUPCAKE FAB GIFT OR FAVOUR**

View my original ornament images here.

I reckoned these photos were snatched from my Etsy shop, my Flickr account or on other people's blog which featured these items. I don't really mind people using my images for blogging purposes. In fact I appreciate it. But to steal them, claim and use as their own...I'd like to call that hitting below the belt.

I already contacted this seller reagrding this matter, but I'm still waiting for their reply. If they don't wish to reply, I expect them to remove not just my photos but all the other stolen photos as well....otherwise I'll report them directly to EBay.

There are other faux cupcakes being sold by this seller, on which the images they used are not their own. Please pay this eBay seller a visit, browse through their shop and if you recognize any images or know the original owner...please, please contact them about this atrocity.