Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 Parcels in Week!

I've been doing some shopping online for some craft materials. And this week I have already received three parcels. Yay!

I have purchased a few new scents to incorporate on my faux cupcakes. These scents are raspberry, caramel, butterscotch, chocolate and cookies n cream. I only put vanilla scent on my Cookies n' Cream faux cupcake. So now that I have the real scent, my Cookies n' Cream faux cupcake will even smell more delish!

I purchased these fragrance oils from The Soap Farm. I am really happy with this purchase. It arrived really fast and well packaged. Miss Grace (whom I believe is the owner) is very easy to communicate with via text messaging. I will definitely buy again from her.

The Soap Farm makes delicious soaps. Not only these soap smells yummy, but also good for your skin. Visit the The Soap Farm for more pics of their delicious looking soaps!

(^Photo from The Soap Farm)

Another one I got from the mail is this small pack of micro beads I bought from eBay (I don't want to rub it in, but yes, eBay! This is before my eBay incident! harr harr!). I don't know why I bought this item, but I'm sure I'll put it to good use. I thought maybe I can use it as sprinkles on my faux cupcakes! :)

And just this afternoon, I went out despite the heavy rain to pickup a parcel at the post office. It's the package of La Doll clays I bought from Japan. I will use it to create and sculpt different embellishements for my faux cupcakes...sort of my fake fondant! Hehe! But I will also use it in creating different crafts as well.

Before, I use Creative Paperclay in creating my faux cupcake decorations/embellishments such as my fake Oreo cookies, wafers, and flowers. I really love using this paperclay, I can say nothing bad about the quality. But then I can only purchase them in the U.S. or Canada, which makes it a bit expensive for me. And not only that the shipping cost is also too costly, it takes a while for me to receive it.

And now that I can purchase La Doll in Japan, I don't need to worry about the costly shipping. And since it's within the Asian Region, I can get it faster than purchasing from the States or Canada.

All these craft materials that I just bought will surely keep me busy for a while! :)


marie christine said...

Dear Jara,
I can imagine the way you felt !
I was so excited myself when I was waiting for your cupcakes, it is such a good time.
I like vanilla scent so much ! I was delighted with the last cupcakes I ordered from your store, not only they were amazing but they were smelling so yummy, different delicious scents !
Have a great busy work !!

Cheryl said...

Hi I was just wondering if they still sell those fragrance oils that you bought, especially the cookies n cream one as I have a hard time finding some! btw, you're cupcakes are gorgeous, do you still sell them?

jarS said...

@ Cheryl

Hi there,

Try to contact The Soap Farm, I'm sure they still sell fragrance oils. :)