Sunday, June 7, 2009

Appreciation Photos

It's been raining really hard for the past couple of weeks now. I believe that's what caused some interruptions on my internet connection. I failed to check my emails because I didn't have any internet connection the whole day yesterday. But today, the sun is back and so is my internet. And I'm very happy to receive some beautiful and lovely photos via email.

Marie Christine, a wonderful customer of mine from France, sent me a bunch of photos. Some of these photos are pictures of her garden. It's so beautiful it reminded of "The Secret Garden." How I wish I could smell those flowers and just run around the green grass barefooted! :) (click on the image to enlarge)

Along with her garden photos, she also also sent me photos of her table setting where she used the faux cupcakes I custom made for her. She setup a dinner outside on her terrace. She prepared her table, placing each faux cupcake near each plates. And using them as place card holders. (click on the images to enlarge)

(NOTE: all images used with permission of Marie Christine Estepa)

I'm so happy she was able to use them. And don't they look pretty? Even the cards she used are pretty...heck, her whole table setting is PRETTY! Yes, I love those plates and hand painted glasses, chic! :)

Thanks again to Marie Christine for these lovely photos! :)

Those lovely cards Marie Christine used were handmade by Seasonal Delights. You may purchase her cards and tags (...and even have them custom made) at her Etsy shop.

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marie christine said...

Dear Jara,
The setting looks beautiful BECAUSE OF YOUR CUPCAKES !
Also a special thank you to KELLI from SEASONALDELIGHTS, a wonderful ETSY SELLER, who made these little cards for me ! Awesome addition to the setting !
Those cupcakes make my day and make the day of all my guests !
We love you, Jara !

Phillip Winn said...

Jara, your cupcakes are incredible and so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing about my Etsy shop, that was very sweet of you.
Marie Christine, what a magical and charming garden you have. Your table is so pretty and I'm sure your guests loved everything!

Betty said...

huwaw!!! alavet

Jara said...

To Betty:

alavet din! haha!

Kung pwede ko lang ikahon ang sarili ko at ipadala sa france....e ginawa ko na! haha!