Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm Back!

I was gone for so long. And I apologize for all the messages that I have disregarded. I stayed away from my Esty shop and from my email associated with it. I have stopped from crafting since I moved here in Canada, for several reasons. One is due to the fact, that I can’t find the exact same materials that I use in my projects. And I left all my tools back home. Buying online and shipping from overseas is costly for me. Second reason is I used to live with relatives and I don’t have the space to make a mess… literally! Third reason is I need to work my bum off to make ends meet. It saddens me not being able to craft anything. Heck, I almost forgot how to sit back, relax and create because of the business of life here, too.

Last year, I was able to move to a small apartment with my son. I have my own space now, though small. 5 years in Canada, and only recently have I found myself itching to craft again. I have been experimenting on different materials I found at Rona’s and Home Depot. And last Christmas I DIYed my Christmas gift to my friends and coworkers… yep, faux cupcakes! Haha!

So, I decided to revive my Etsy shop. I have posted my old tutorials there again for sale. But I will be selling my new faux cupcakes on my new shop… new life, new shop! Bahaha!

Do check it out, The Sugar Bunny Co. Hopefully, before the end of January I will have something up.

Here’s preview of my new faux cupcake. I’ll post more details (and close ups) soon.

I guess I'm really back! :)