Thursday, March 12, 2009

Girl Goumet Cupcake Maker

I brought my son to Toy Kingdom last weekend. As usual, upon stepping inside the store, he ran to the boys' section...and I, to the girls' side of the store. Yes, I still love toys.

While checking out the MyScene dolls, I glanced upon this shelf with boxes of pinks, browns (which are my favorite colors by the way). I walk towards the shelf to check out these products....and oh my, I was surprised to see boxes of cupcake makers. (They also have Ice Cream Sandwhich Makers!)

The packaging and colors alone are irrisistable. And to know that it'll help you make and decorate cupcakes, it makes me want to take out my credit card and ran to the nearest cashier. But I had to contain myself. I need to check out the internet first if this thing actually works. (I bought a few stuff already that didn't do what the packaging says it can/will do! hehe!)

The Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker includes: Cupcake Maker, Microwave container, Mixing Bowl, Cupcake Holder, 4 Cupcake mixes, 4 Frostings, 1 Pack of Sprinkles, 1 Spoon/Spreader, 4 Cupcake Cups, 4 Recipe Cards. All food made in the USA

Here's the link to the Girl Gourmet website:

There's a video there that shows you how to use the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker and Girl Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwhich Maker as well. It sure looks so much fun to use these cool toys. But I doubt that the cupcakes and cookies (...and even the frosting) that come in with the package will taste good. Their cupcake and cookie batter looks nasty to me. :p The lady in video doesn't look quite convincing that those cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches actually taste any good.

Well, I don't think all this will matter to little girls who will have fun playing with their Girl Gourmet toys. And as for me, I can just bake real cupcakes, make real frosting and use the Girl Gourmet as a fun tool to decorate my cuppies....if i ever get one! :)

And yes, I still want one! :p


marie christine said...

In short, all girls here in France want this cupcake maker, and I also have to say, if I was a little younger... I would like the same, sure ! I had fun looking at the video !