Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freshly Faked!

Here's a peek at my freshly faked cupcakes. These are just pics of my new faux cupcake bases, no frostings and decorations yet.

They look more realistic now, and comes in three flavors...errr...colors! LOL!

Butter, Red Velvet, and Dark Chocolate.

My New Faux Cupcakes, Coming Soon on my Etsy shop!


lovely little deer said...


jarS said...

to lovely little deer,

Thanks! :)


marie christine said...

Oh my God, amazing ! I really can't wait to see your new listing on etsy, the faux cupcakes bases are so realistic ! Wonderful..colors..I can't choose.
Now I have more ideas about my next order ! Best wishes from France !

jarS said...

to marie christine,

Thanks a lot! :)

When you get to finalize your ideas, feel free to message me thru Etsy, and I'll let you now if they're doable by me! ;)