Friday, February 27, 2009

Back with a New Logo and a Clearance SALE!

Look up at my header, I got a new logo! Well, I lost my old files so I need to make a new one! :p But I'm quite happy with this one. I made it in just a couple of hours, because I need to get some stickers and tags done by my printer. And I got them already and they look fabulous! :)

And yes, I'm back from my hibernation and my Etsy Shop is now OPEN once more. Actually I wasn't on vacation. I was working (...really hard) during this whole time. I did a freelance gig for this local TV Network Company (I'm a VFX/Compositor artist by profession), and it rerquired my full concentration, time, and effort! :p I worked for 12 hours a day (or more), no day-off's, and always on call...which left me no time for crafting. But now, that my contract has ended, which means no job for me in the next couple of months, it's crafting fiesta for me!

I need some space for new stuff, so I'm having a Clearance Sale! Please visit my Etsy Shop!


marie christine said...

Beautiful new logo, I like it.
I just would like to say, visit her etsy shop and buy here ! Her cupcakes are awesome... The white cupcakes you can see on Flickr are for me in France and I'm thrilled with them !
Talk you soon, Jara !