Friday, September 24, 2010

Got Kanin?

Last night, I was sidetracked from working on my fake macaron ornaments for Christmas (...I'm way behind my deadline!) Anyways, I took a break and went to surf the net. As usually, I surfed for fake food crafts and miniature foodie. I found this works
by littlecatwhitewhite. She makes amazing doll house food miniatures. I'm particularly impressed by how she made the miniature rice.

miniature rice images courtesy of littlecatwhitewhite

After drooling over those creations, my A.D.D. kicked in. I have to stop whatever I'm doing, so i can start making those miniature rice myself. I searched for tutorials that have the same output quality ...alas, there's none. Those few I found where not so reali
stic, and others are even funny looking.

Littlecatwhitewhite offers such course which I cannot afford and I'm miles away. Also, she used Japanese resin clay which I don't have at the moment, and never have tried using before.

...But I have to make those! ...NOW!

So I settled for whatever is on my craft stash ...polymer clay! And here is my first attempt and what I've made so far (just last night):

Not bad for a first attempt, huh? Hehe. Anyways, there's still room for improvements and I need to get my hands on those Japanese resin clay.

Ok, back to my ornaments! :p